Amy’s handmade ceramics are inspired by the natural world and in particular the Scottish Highlands. As each piece of work is made by Amy by hand from start to finish, it is completely unique. Amy has a love of using glass in her work where she can, emulating the watery pools and coast of Scotland.

Amy’s other main focus in her ceramic work is Raku, this is a process of firing work rapidly in a gas kiln and removing the work while red hot and placing it with combustible material into a drum and sealing it. This technique rapidly cools the work creating a crackled effect on the glaze and the combustible material burns away creating a reduced atmosphere inside the drum creating fantastic metallic effects across the work which are completely one of a kind. Amy’s Raku work is a completely different style to her electric fired kiln work and is characterised by the metallic colours, crackled whites and black slate like clay appearance.