Sleepy Seal


Handbuilt Raku fired Seal with a smoked unglazed finish.

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Hand built wee ceramic seal,  raku fired with a smoked unglazed finish.  Each wee seal is coated with an archival quality artists varnish.

These inquisitive seals can be seen around the harbours and coastline of Scotland sunbathing on our beaches or watching you from the waters.

How it’s made:

The piece is rapidly fired to nearly 1000°C then taken out at this temperature and placed on combustible materials and covered with a container. The combustible materials (i.e. paper or sawdust) ignite on contact with the red hot ceramic and the fire created then consumes the oxygen in the contained atmosphere. This creates a reduced oxygen atmosphere which brings the copper components in the glaze to become metallic looking and some areas will be metallic and some colourful. Every piece fired in this way turns out different from one another, making the process very exciting and creating entirely individual unique works of art.

Seal is approximately 5cm high and 7cm long.

Caring for your seal: Tell him he is beautiful. Dust him with a damp cloth. Keep him out of prolonged direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.